President instructs to release Rs. 250 million to obtain fertilizer for the farmers

  • Dec 31, Colombo: President Maithripala Sirisena states that Rs. 250 million has been released on 29 December to obtain fertilizer needed for the farmers.

    The President said that he inquired from the Ministry of Finance regarding the lack of funds for the banks to obtain fertilizer to the farmers and advised them to transfer the money to the accounts of the farmer community at the relevant banks on the same day.

    President Maithripala Sirisena made this statement addressing a meeting held in Bediwewa in Polonnaruwa yesterday (30th).

    The President said the opinions and suggestions of government officials and people’s representatives are of paramount importance in resolving the problems of the rural people and developing these areas.

    He said that there is no shortage of funds to develop the rural areas and what’s needed is only the people’s representatives, who are committed to the development of village, the President said.

    The President noted that the issue will end with the local government election on February 10.

    He said the program to bestow the benefits of the development to the rural masses while resolving their problems in parallel to the wide-ranging development process throughout the country will be implemented at the same time.

    Former Chief Minister of the North Central Province Peshala Jayaratne and representatives of the Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha from the United People’s Freedom Alliance participated at the occasion.

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